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Measuring Child Well-Being in Romania

postat 3 feb. 2011, 12:22 de Sergiu Baltatescu   [ actualizat la 3 feb. 2011, 12:39 ]

Sergiu Bălţătescu & Oşvat Claudia


XVII ISA Congress, “Sociology on the move” Goteborg, July 11-17 2010.

Abstract: In the last 30 years, we faced an increasing preoccupation for the child quality of life at global level. While the particular issues in child protection such as child abuse and neglect, children rights, children poverty were addressed separately by policies, “child well-being” emerged as a more comprehensive framework that encompass all the aspects of child development and policies. Several indexes and indicators systems were elaborated by researchers at European as well as national levels, but very few were developed for the post-communist states, confronted with the most difficult problems in the domain of child protection. Romania, especially, faces huge problems such as children poverty, the protection of abandoned children in residential care or substitute families, and also the protection of neglected or abused children. Despite the fact that the numbers of children in need decreased dramatically during the last years, it is still high. This paper presents the preliminary activities for the construction of an indicators system for measuring child well-being in Romania. Our approach addresses the most critical domains of child indicators: economic, health, psychological, educational, social and relational, measured with objective as well as subjective indicators. Results of a survey conducted at the end of 2009, within a sample of 480 families with children and substitute families are presented, and statistical data at municipal level were comparatively analyzed. These are discussed with reference to the known problems of child well-being in Romania, and the challenges of surveying the well-being of children in this country. Finally, conclusions on the choice of appropriate indicators for child well-being in Romania are drawn.

Keywords: child well-being. social indicators, Romania
Sergiu Baltatescu,
3 feb. 2011, 12:25