Social psychology of well-being

Prof. univ. dr. habil. Sergiu Bălţătescu

This is an introductory course in the topic of quality of life and well-being. The course aims to provide students with an applied view on conceptualization, dimensions, measurement and theories of quality of life and well-being.

 Course content

  1. Conceptualizations of quality of life & well-being
  2. History of the concept of happiness and well-being
  3. Subjective well-being - definition and related concepts
  4. Methodology of subjective wellbeing research 
  5. Biases in SWB research - Personal uniqueness effect
  6. Correlates of subjective wellbeing (part I)
  7. Correlates of subjective wellbeing (part II) 
  8. Variation of well-being in different groups. Main theories.

Requirements of credits

1. Participation at the courses and seminars (30%)
2. Project: Analysis of a research paper on the relationship between happiness (subjective well-being) and another variable (70%)
Chose a lecture in your language among the following
and fill the Project template. Then upload the document using the online form: no later than Sunday 16 June. 
1. When you push "Submit" the following message will appear on the screen: "Thank you for submitting the form!" This is the confirmation that you uploaded - no need to ask by email. 
2. Include in the form your email if you want to get a feedback
3. Before choosing the lecture from the list please consult with the students from the course speaking to prevent that two students will make the same choice
4. Do not plagiarize in your assignment! Paraphrase where needed.

Bibliography/reading list (for the assignments see List of lectures for the course "Social psychology of well-being")

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Seminar: hedonism and eudaimonism

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